A Brief Look Into Some Of The Most Famous Las Vegas Casino History

Las Vegas is a city that has changed significantly over the years and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As a result, a lot of the historical Las Vegas casino history is often misinterpreted or taken out of context. While there are many excellent online sites about Las Vegas and casino games, there is no better reference for researching all of the details and the stories behind some of the earliest attractions that have made Las Vegas what it is today. A quick search on the Internet will reveal some wonderful information about some of the most intriguing attractions in this unique city.

las vegas casino history

The Gambling Controversy One of the more amusing events to come out of Las Vegas is the so-called Gambling Controversy. The story goes that a man by the name of Harry Palmer applied for a patent for a machine that would allow players to bet on the outcome of a game without having to actually bet on it. The USPTO rejected the application, however Palmer put up a last ditch effort to try and get the patent approved. This led to a long and colorful history in Las Vegas, as the two parties vied for control of the once exclusive property of Palmer.

The “Gambling Controversy” might not be as funny as it first seemed. Over the years this spot has become one of the most infamous locations in Las Vegas, especially for those in the know. The “Gambling Controversy” was the catalyst for a whole string of events that resulted in the closing of one of the oldest casinos in the world and left many Americans with an unhealthy appetite for gambling. This controversy is often brought up whenever anyone mentions Las Vegas, and it seems that there is always another story involved.

The “Shuffleboard Affair” Another well-known Las Vegas event that was sparked when a local high school student decided it would be a great idea to rent some skateboards and have a little fun in town. Naturally, there were a number of teens who decided to take this opportunity to get their first taste of alcohol on a public property. Unfortunately, this “shuffleboard affair” was just one of several incidents that resulted in the closing of one of the city’s oldest casinos.

Another important event to focus on is the very first casino to be built in Las Vegas. Although it wasn’t the biggest nor the most profitable, this location was nonetheless a landmark for the entire city of Las Vegas. The construction of this casino was arguably the largest feat in the entire history of the city of Las Vegas. The construction of the Grand Canal and the creation of the Silverado Park are perhaps even more fascinating stories to be told.

The Great Flood One of the most tragic events to impact Las Vegas occurred in 1950, which is when a massive flood swept through the city. The Great Flood resulted in the taking of countless lives, many of them of hotel patrons who were sleeping in their suites at the time. It is one of the most tragic events in casino history, and the “Flood” still resonates today. It is something that has been brought up time again, as it was one of the worst casino blunders to occur.

The City of Light One of the greatest things about Las Vegas is its claim to have the world’s fastest growing city. And while this might seem like an exaggeration, this was true for at least part of the decade. However, it was during this time that people began to truly believe that Las Vegas could rival other major cities in terms of sophistication. During this period in the city’s history, the lights of Las Vegas were some of the most amazing and the most aesthetically pleasing that the world had ever seen.

One interesting bit of Las Vegas casino history is the story of the infamous “Lucky Seven.” These seven men were deemed to be a “flight risk” by the Mandalay Bay casino. Because of this, they were not allowed to gamble at their favorite watering holes. Instead, they spent their time drinking and gambling at the casino tables. Their luck did not last long however, as soon as they were discharged from the psychiatric hospital, and the publicity surrounding the incident really began to take hold. Thanks to their publicity, a whole generation grew up thinking that they had been chosen at random for “chronic insanity.”