Connecticut Casinos

Are you thinking of visiting a casino in Connecticut? If you are, you may have many questions about how to get there, what to do once you are there, and other important considerations for planning your next Connecticut casino trip. There are literally hundreds of casino gambling establishments in the state. Some are small and family-run, while others are large, multi-million dollar resorts and casinos. Each offers something different to its guests.


Connecticut is home to two of the nation’s biggest and best-known casinos, which are the Connecticut Lottery Commission (CTLC) and the Connecticut Department of Financial Services (DFDS). These two gambling establishments are the busiest operations in the state and they serve millions of people each year. Together, they employ hundreds of full-time employees and thousands of part-time workers. These two entities also connect millions of people through online gaming, internet casinos, card games, sports betting, live music concerts, race betting, and other forms of entertainment.

In addition to the two large Connecticut casinos, there are numerous other Connecticut gaming establishments. In addition to the Mashantucket Resort Casino in Mashantucket, there are several seasonal farm-themed and nature-based casinos in Connecticut, such as the Springfield Resort Casino, the Connecticut Farm Gaming Center, and the Woodbury Casino. Travelers also shouldn’t miss the New London Casino, the Connecticut State University Gambling Center, the Windham Tennis Center, the historic Penobscot High Street Hotel and the Bridgeport Pavilion, which are located in Connecticut. The Hollywood Casino, the Bellmore Ballroom, the Bellmore Palace, the Connecticut Agricultural College, and the New Haven Convention Center also offer gaming opportunities for tourists and visitors.

One of the largest and most successfulConnecticut casinos is the Universal City Casino. This seven-mile long casino and hotel abound with a variety of restaurants, bars, and entertainment facilities. Entertainment options include video game rooms, live music concerts, video screening, and restaurant dining. The casino offers an assortment of other casino games, including craps, keno, slots, roulette, instant lotto, bingo, horse racing, and other card games.

A majority of the country’s largest and most successful Connecticut casinos derive their revenue from gaming. Specifically, the three most popular Connecticut casinos include the Bellmore Casino, the Deal Yard Casino, and the Farmington Building Casino. All of these casinos have their own unique appeal to travelers and tourists.

The state of Connecticut is home to three racetrack facilities: the Connecticut Lottery Commission, the North Haven Casino, and the Connecticut Gaming Commission. While the lottery is considered to be the state’s most popular source of revenue, it is also the source of much controversy, as losses are far too high. In addition to the large sums of money involved in the gaming industry, the gambling commission and its board of directors are charged with various regulatory duties, including oversight of the gaming process and operation, ensuring fair play and discipline of employees, and maintaining a high quality of game play. Due to a poor economy and the lingering effects of the mortgage crisis, many of the casinos have closed their doors, leaving those who were left behind in a desperate situation.

Mohegan tribal lands along the Mohonk Mountain have also offered up some of the best locations for Connecticut casino gambling, but like the Mohegan Lake resort, they too have suffered financial setbacks. A number of Mohegan tribe members have lost their homes as a result of the recession, and more are on the brink of it. Many of the people that lost their homes to the casino gambling industry have found a new way to make a living through the sale of their real estate.

While many Americans consider casinos to be bad for the economy, some people visit Connecticut every year to take in the shows, the high speedways, and the various attractions. It is no wonder that these tourists are willing to spend their hard-earned money at the numerous Connecticut casinos close by. Those that stay home in Connecticut enjoy the slower pace, and the quality of life that they bring with them. The people that work in the casinos nearby have jobs that provide them the means to get to and from work every day, provide for their families, and support their lifestyles. For many of these people, being a part of the Mohegan tribe is a very real option. Connecticut offers a unique slate of opportunities to live and work, and it is a chance not to be missed.